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Work Groups

The ARA has within its structure Work Groups (WG) with specific objectives in each of their respective domain.

These WG, made up of Members of the ARA have, for the most part, the responsibility of defining a strategic development policy in relation to the themes of common interest to the Members of the ARA operating in the field of refining and related activities such as storage, transport, distribution etc..

These WG are also a platform for the exchange of experience and consolidation of best practice between ARA Member operators with the objective of:

  • Harnessing the collective intelligence;
  • Foster the cohesion of the Members ;
  • Federate the best skills available for the benefit of the Members of the ARA ;
  • Contribute, as much as possible, to create the conditions for sustainable performance.

The coordination of these WG is entrusted to the ARA Operational Headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The different Work Group members’ meet at least twice, a year.

In addition to the activities of these Work Group, ad hoc committees are also established depending on the current industrial news and topics of interest that may arise from same. Meetings are regularly organized based on the topics identified and an agenda set by the Executive Committee of the ARA.

The terms of reference as well as the list of members and advisers of each Work Group are available on request.