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Refining & HSEQ

In addition to the being a framework of counsel and exchange, the missions of this WG have been extended to the identification of programmes of training for Members of the ARA related to their field of competence namely:

Identification and programming of technical seminars relating to the activities of refining: Various seminars have been held around the themes of operation of facilities, process, equipment maintenance, static and rotating equipment.... The discussions and case studies are also enriched by the active participation of Sponsors of the ARA operating in each area.

Important topics related to health, safety and environment: seminars have been held related to the industrial safety, in particular through studies of incidents/accidents and corrective measures. Through the demonstrated support in the initiatives undertaken by its Members in terms of commitment and exchanges, a focus was also made on the promotion of collective efforts to effectively contribute to reduce harmful impacts for the preservation of the environment of the Continent.

On the same subject and the exchange of best practices, Safety Crossed Audits are also carried out by officials of competent services, and this, on average three times per year.

The main objectives of these Safety Crossed Audits among ARA members are:

  1. to check the regulatory compliance of the management systems
  2. to identify gaps;
  3. Suggest ways of improvement;
  4. Share experiences on the organization of the security services and the actions of prevention and intervention.

Quality and continuous improvement: in addition to the benchmark systems and the quality of the products, this Work Group also addresses the means of measurement. It is in this context that the Work Group has initiated Round Robin Inter-Laboratory Tests intended to :

  1. To evaluate and develop a comparison of the analytical performances of the various laboratories;
  2. To identify the difficulties of application of the methods and analytical techniques.Moreover, the participation in such tests remains an efficient way for the African laboratories to show the technical skills of their staff and the good performance of their measurement equipment.

Other challenges will require the definition of a common project that will bring performance levels to thresholds required, and this, through the mobilization of energies and collective ambitions. Among these other challenges, the contribution to the harmonisation of quality systems, the progressive accreditation of laboratories...

The seminars take place all around the African continent are attended by an average of 30 delegates. The attendance is free for all ARA Members and Sponsors. Examples of themes discussed can be accessed here (link to event archive). Outside of the topics covered during the technical meetings, studies are also carried out, and others are planned according to identified topics.

Value of Refining

The RHSEQWG commissioned in 2014 from Wood MacKenzie a study on ‘Assessing The Value of African Refining’. This study evaluates the value of maintaining and upgrading African refineries rather than importing products from overseas refineries, particularly in respect of job protection and technology capture. A summary of this study is available here.