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The SWG acts as the voice of the ARA on future specifications of fuels, as well as on issues related to strategies related to vehicle emissions in order to promote a policy of fuels and vehicles as one system to achieve improvements in urban air pollution and therefore the preservation of the environment and public health.

It is responsible for supporting the improvement of air quality policies and has developed and promotes an AFRI specifications road map with a MINIMUM target of AFRI-4 by 2020, and AFRI-5 by 2030. Its work resulted in a joint study by the ARA and the World Bank, the final report of which was published in 2009, covering the health benefits of moving to AFRI 4 fuel specifications, together with improved vehicle technology and the associated costs to upgrade refineries. The WG is actively working with UNEP and international oil companies, NGO’s and car manufacturers to create common policies within the PCFV(Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles) to lay down the African road map for future fuel qualities within a targeted timescale.

The WG actively maintains its road map for future African specifications and is currently concentrating on promoting regional fuel specifications in order to create efficiencies of supply and to encourage intra-Africa trade. A Policy Paper to assist in the introduction of Biofuels in Africa has been produced.

Download the AFRI Specifications