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Annual General Meeting 2018 (AGM)



Dear Members and Sponsors*,

After a great and successful gathering of more than 500 delegates, in Cape Town, in 2017, ARA WEEK 2018 is quickly getting closer and we are very much looking forward to meeting everyone in Cape Town, South Africa. You will be coming from all corners of the world – from Africa, Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA and we hope that you will find the conference stimulating, challenging and above all, productive for us all. These page, accessible when connected to your ARA user account, contain information to help you prepare to attend the ARA WEEK:

  • Venue
  • Accommodation
  • Registration (online, on site)
  • Conference (documents, languages)
  • Exposition
  • Work group meetings
  • Safety & Security
  • Etc

They will be updated regularly with any changes. To log into your account or create one, please click here.

Bon voyage and see you soon!

Best wishes,

The ARA WEEK team


*ARA WEEK, the association's AGM, is open to Members and Sponsors only. To learn more about how to attend ARA WEEK 2018 and information on ARA membership and sponsorship opportunities: info@afrra.org

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